De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob Review

De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob Review

Finding Built-in Hobs isn’t the easiest of tasks, with 92 options available from retailer alone. That’s why reading De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob reviews is so important, as it helps you to decide whether you’ve found the right choice of all the Electric Hobs on offer. This quick review will help you to make that decision.



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  • Add a sleek touch to your kitchen with this black electric hob from De Dietrich. To make cooking more efficient, its 4 induction zones use intelligent electromagnets to directly heat the base of your pot rather than the whole surface. It۪s safe too, as pan detection technology prevents the hob from heating up until your cookware has been placed on the surface. To save even more energy, simply press the ICS symbol when your pot is on the hob and it۪ll show which zone best suits the pan size you۪re using. With easy-to-use touch controls, it۪s effortless to select this option as well.
  • Product codes: 3660767962279
  • Model number: DPI7670X_BK
  • Product ID 1: DPI7670X
  • Product ID 2: DPI7670X_BK

Getting the right appliance is important, they last years and so we should take our time to ensure we’re buying the right one. Whether that’s Electric Hobs or even something as simple as a kettle. Our goal at ApplianceReview is to bring you all of the information you need to make a better informed choice. Whether that’s showing you lots of genuine customer reviews, or an overall review score from owners…or searching for the lowest prices to get you the best deal. If we can give you one bit of advice to help you decide if De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob is right for you, it is to read lots of customer reviews. The retailers and manufacturers will of course do their best to make their Hobs and Built-in Hobs look like the very best option available. But only genuine customers will give you the unbiased thoughts.

Let’s look a bit more at the price of De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob. Our price comparison tool found that it is available currently from for just £619, which on first glance is a brilliant price. So let’s look at the price in a little more detail.

In order to ascertain what you should expect to be paying for your Built-in Hobs we compared the price of over 92 which shows us that the average price of products in the Built-in Hobs category is £374.42. Another important point to study is the average price you can expect to pay from the brand De Dietrich, which is £730.78. With 9 products available from De Dietrich you have plenty of choice, which is why it’s so important to read as many reviews as you can. Now that we’ve looked at the average price of a product in the Built-in Hobs and the price of a product from De Dietrich, we thought it would be wise to go one step deeper and look at the average price of Built-in Hobs made by De Dietrich, which is £630.50.

of course are known for more than just Built-in Hobs. Which helps us to understand how they’ve got such a good reputation in the appliance industry.

De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob Price comparison

The chart below gives you a quick overview of how the price of De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob compares to the average price of products in the Electric Hobs category, as well as the average price of products from De Dietrich.

Average price of Electric Hobs

De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob Specification

The table below gives you all the details you need to decide if De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob meets your requirements. Typical specs that should be considered include the size, weight and energy performance.

Feature Spec
Dimensions (H)6.4 x (W)65.0 x (D)51.5
Control Panel Lock Yes
Control Panel Position Front
Control Type Touch Control
Fuel Type Electric
Keep Warm Function Yes
Manufacturer Warranty||AO Aftercare Protection plans from £6.49 per month.More info |2 Year
Manufacturer Warranty Domestic Use Only Yes
Timer Yes
Touch Control Yes
Weight 10 Kg
Recall Yes
Boost Function Yes
Burner Power Range 1 to 3 KW
Hob Surface Material Glass
Hob Type Induction
Number of Burner / Zone Sizes 3
Number of Burners / Zones 4
Pan Detection Yes
Residual Heat Indicator Yes

Reviews of De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob

You will have seen at the start, that De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob scored out of 10 overall from customer reviews at This is great, especially when you dig into the detail of the Electric Hobs available. For example the average rating of products from De Dietrich is #, and the average score of products from De Dietrich in the Electric Hobs category is 8.7. We’ll repeat our advice from earlier, where we encourage users to be reading lots of reviews, and only buy from retailers that you can really trust and rely on providing you excellent customer service. It’s why we only recommend a select number of trusted partners like Currys and You won’t find any dodgy retailers on here, that’s for sure.

If you want to check out reviews of De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob, you can read these by clicking the “Read Full Review” button that’s hovering on the bottom of your screen now.

Other options or alternatives to De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob

With so much choice available when it comes to buying appliances, specifically Electric Hobs, it’s easy to see why many consumers get overwhelmed and just end up impulse buying the wrong item. There’s 92 products to choose from so plenty to keep you busy.

There are also 9 products available from De Dietrich. And 2 items from De Dietrich in the Electric Hobs category.

We’ve mentioned it a few times already, but reviews are the life-saver for your shopping experience. One of the great ways to easily see reviews is via YouTube videos, and if you’re after more images to help you decide you can also find more pictures too using Google Images..

Videos of De Dietrich products

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Appliances are some of the most expensive online purchases we make, so it’s vital that we get it right. That’s why we try and help customers looking to buy appliances by giving them as much detail and customer reviews as we can. One of the great pieces of help you can provide is to share your thoughts, whether you own De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob, have tried it in a shop, or know someone that owns it, we’d love your thoughts. Drop us a line on the comments section below with a quick overview of your opinion and we’ll get it published to help future like-minded customers looking to buy their next Electric Hob.

Other things to consider

Shopping online has obviously become hugely popular over recent years, most of us shop online now in some way. Whether that’s for clothes, gadgets or even food shopping. Buying appliances online took a little longer for consumers to catch on to. Understandably so, as they are typically really large items and of course expensive items too, so we want to see the products first. That’s why reviews have become such a key part of the buying process now, as we aren’t able to physically see the product before we buy it, we trust other owners to help us to make an informed decision by listening to their review. We know that you may have hesitations to buying online, so want to reassure you by asking you to check out the returns policy offered by the retailer that you buy from. For example if you buy De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob from you’ll get 100 days free returns if you’re not totally happy. That’s an incredible offering from the retailer and give us and you the ultimate level of peace of mind. Keep an eye out for retailers that offer a price match promise too, offer a price match promise on their products, including De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob and other Electric Hobs so it’s great to know that if you do find it cheaper elsewhere, they’ll offer their price promise.

De Dietrich DPI7670X 65cm Induction Hob

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